Becoming an AcolyteEdit

At level 4, a Novice will automatically receive the quest Day of Destiny to begin changing classes. After reporting to Sage Babama, you will be given the quest Choose Your Path. You will need to reach level 5 to finish the new quest, then report to Guardian Team Leader Muha. He will give you the option of 4 different quests, a quest for each of the new job classes. Picking the Path of the Acolyte quest allows you to become a Acolyte. After picking the correct quest for the job class you want, speak to Muha again to complete the quest, change to your new class, and level up to level 6.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Day of DestinyChoose Your PathPath of the Acolyte

Becoming a PriestEdit

Once you reach level 15 you see the class master and he will instruct you to visit Marla. She will then give you a letter of recommendation to take back to the class master.


Acolyte and Priest Skills
Shining Judgement  · Healing Prayer  · Blessing of Restoration  · Blaze of Glory  · Cleanse Poison  · Purify Body
Curse Killer · Prayer of Resurrection  · True Word of Shielding  · Magic Resistant  · Mana Restoration


Hammer Specialist: When equipped with a hammer, Damage +6% Chance for 2 second stun 5%

Staff Specialist: When equipped with a staff, magic attack +7% Magic critical hit damage +10%

Magic Ward Specialist: Recieved magic damage -12%

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