Altar of SpiritsEdit

The Altar of Spirits is located in Black Swamp (96, 892). Turning in Lost Power of the Dead and Concentrated Power of Dead Spirit earns fame with Sprite King Ewan, General of the Spirits. A sprite can be returned to nature here.

What can be obtainedEdit

List of Objects that can be obtained.
Name Level Description Rep Needed Price Orlin's Sealing Jazz Drum 31 Axe Crafting 33, Mining 33, Foraging 34, Hunting 33 1000 5g
Bruce's Drum of Darkness 31 Mining 39, Hunting 41, Staff 39, Relic 31 4000 25g
Sprite Emblem - Blessed Ward 2 31 Magic defense +8% 1000 4g
Sprite Emblem - Blessed Ward 3 41 Magic defense +9% 4000 7g
Warrior Gear Crafting Bench - Warrior apparel crafting + 2 9000 400g
Computer Eqipment - Gives 75% chance to collect 1 extra EXP when collecting. 16000 225g
Masquerade Mask - Combat: received magic damage -10%. Production: 45% chance to gain additional materials when mining. Game: Quick Strike damage +5 16000 150g

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