Becoming an AssassinEdit

At level 29, you will automatically receive the Class Specialization quest to begin changing classes. After choosing to become an Assassin by accepting the Class Upgrade: Assassin quest, you will need to talk to Mysterious Assassin in Belcar Plateau. He will give you The Final Rest quest:

When you have finished the quest, return to Mysterious Assassin. He will give you an Assassin's Envelope to turn into the the Class Master to change your job to Assassin.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Class SpecializationClass Upgrade: AssassinThe Final RestAssassin's Path

Assassin Skills
Assasins Skills are doing much damage.
Assassin Talents
Earth Talents: Sword Specialist  ·Shooting Specialist  · Sniping
Star Talents: Reflex Response  ·Deathblow Attack  ·Dashing
Moon Talents: Premonition  ·Stealth Strike  ·Demonic Afterimage
Sun Talents: Lash Out  ·Fatal Blade  ·

Negator's Instinct

Talent Combos
Assassin Masteries
Line 1

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