Belcar Plateau is a field-type location located in the Kaslow region. To the West is Plague Forest, to the East is Misty Wetlands and to the South is Sprite's Forest. It is for levels 25-32.



Broken Mallet

Blood Feud

The Truth 1

Hijacked Cargo 1

Strong Symbol (REP)

The Necklace (REP)

The Walking Dead

Destroy the Crystal

Hijacked Cargo 2

The X-32

The Rocketman 1

The Rocketman 2

The Truth 2

The Truth 3

The Truth 4

Hijacked Cargo 3

Hijacked Cargo 4

The R-17

The Truth 5

Mine Research (Mission for Condemned Mine)

The Rocketman 3

The Rocketman 4

The Rocketman 5

Meteor Madness 1

Meteor Madness 2

Meteor Madness 3

Meteor Madness 4

Herbivore's Horn (REP)

Giant's Collar (REP)

Sickness Colonel

The Rocketman 6

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