Blue BayEdit

One of the three starting islands after Siwa Island for levels 6-9. Blue Bay leads to Kaslow Plains and then to Kaslow.


NPC Coordinates NPC Coordinates
Traveling Merchant x: 412, y: 176 Landitt, Captain x: 463, y: 181
Adaml, Outpost Soldier x: 640, y: 498 Marcus, Old Man of the Islet x: 251, y: 412
Anshel, Alchemist x: 619, y: 495 Myge, Captain x: 430, y: 183
Atalienne, Terminal Owner x: 409, y: 219 Myge, Captain (on Island) x: 197, y: 463
Cyer, Farmer x: 417, y: 227 Ralakeshia, Skill Trainer x: 623, y: 509
Efe, Beginner Sprite x: 433, y: 147 Sanxiny, Sprite x: 612, y: 517
Era, General Store Owner x: 617, y: 526 Soerdo, Outpost Team Leader x: 652, y: 513
Korosy, Armor Merchant x: 636, y: 522 Stony, Weapon Merchant x: 407, y: 206

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