A sub-location of Steam Mine Mountain. The quest activates at level 28 but the mission order can only be done from levels 31-41. You must speak to Oz in Black Swamp, Dash in Belcar Plateau and Casas in Southern Island.


  • Dark Power in the Mine
  • Mine Arts - Level 31 - Defeat Randorak and collect ???
  • Mine Research - Level 32 - Defeat Sir Charles and collect Sir Charles Soul
  • Setback in the mine - Level 33 -Defeat GBX-989 and collect GBX-989 core


Name Level Aggro
Randorak (Obese Bat) 31 Aggressive
Sir Charles (Spawn of the Dead) 32 Aggressive
GBX-989 (Minekeeper) 33 Aggressive
Jenome (Violent Cyber Minotaur) 34 Aggressive

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