This quest is a book quest at level 6 that gives Sprite Messenger fame.

GFBookBook - Grand FantasiaEdit

This book is obtained from Guardian Team Leader Muha on Siwa Island as a reward from first class change quest series.

"An ornate magic tome, rumored to be written by generations of Sprite messengers, which contains unlimited power. This book seems to have a will of its own and the ability to foresee events of the future. Each time you read it, you can receive important information."
"As a Sprite Messenger who trains in the shadown of the Day of Destiny, this book shall be your greatest guide."

Prologue: Journey

  • Reach level 10


Chapter 1: Prosperous City

  • Reach level 16


Chapter 2: Spreading Evil

  • Reach level 20


Chapter 3: Darkness Fleeing

  • Reach level 25


Chapter 4: World Destruction

  • Reach level 31

A Dick !!!


Chapter 5: Border

  • Reach level 35


Chapter 6: Earth's Mourning

  • Reach level 40


Chapter 7: Ancient Civilization

  • Reach level 45


Chapter 8: Evil Corruption

  • Reach level 50


Chapter 9: Lost Soul

  • Reach level 55


Finale: End or Beginning?

  • Reach level 60


Finished Book

After completing Finale: End or Beginning? and finishing the book, you can talk to Sage Babama on Prism Island Prairie and selecting the option that you have finished the book. He will take the book and give you a new book called Grand Fantasia Plus.

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