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BloodAngels is a level 6 guild founded by Flourish in the Quill server. The current leader is Aurath although there is joint leadership with MuteFury. Ths guild has pledge allegiance to Bodor, Grassland Knight. The current rankings are ArchAngel, BloodAngel, BloodLord,, BloodBrother and Bloodling.


As mentioned above the guild leader was founded by Flourish, both he and Aurath (current leader) were trying to think of names for the new guild they wanted, they decided right as Flourish was creating it. It was transfered to Arrielle (now MuteFury)'s name and then transfered to Aurath. They didnt want to open the guild for recruiting until it was at least level 3. Amillia was one of the first people to join once it was open.


The guild is usually maxed out with 150 members but there is a clean every 14 days of inactive members and space is available again.

Guild RulesEdit

Our rules are simple: be nice, don't be belittling/discriminatory/cruel to others, do not beg for gold or p-leveling and be moderate when taking things from the warehouse.

Guild Ranks and AdvancementEdit

The ranks and requirements for advancement as are follows:

Rank Requirement
Bloodling Basic rank.
BloodBrother Level 30 or 50 prestige.
BloodLord Level 50 or 200 prestige.
BloodAngel See below.
ArchAngel Guild Leader.

Becoming a BloodAngelEdit

BloodAngels are the highest rank (besides ArchAngel) and have all the powers of the ArchAngel (aside from those that only the Guild Leader can do). Most BloodAngels are of a high level and there is always at least one available online for help. Only the most trusted and worthy who prove their dedication to the guild can become a BloodAngel. I am a BloodAngel myself.

Current BloodAngelsEdit

  • MuteFury - Level 75 - Warlord
  • Flourish - Level 61 - Ranger
  • Wolsylad - Level 52 - Ranger
  • xXYamuXx - Level 71 - Darkstalker
  • Amillia - Level 66 - Mystic
  • D3ssert - Level 70 Darkstalker

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