Kaslow Plains is located in the Kaslow Region. To the South is Kaslow. To the West is Scorching Wind Desert and to the East is Sprite's Forest. Within the area is the dungeon Prairie Cave. Monsters in this region drop Lost Power of the Grassland, which can be turned into the Grassland Altar on the map.


Name X Y
Berlinda 730 475
Elsa 920 695
Francis 845 700
Frank 820 730
Grassland Altar 245 515
Lean 470 315
Magellan 240 410
Mailbox 820 650
Message Board 740 460
Monster Hunting Board 175 675
Russell 735 455
Soul Preservation Crystal 230 585
Soul Preservation Crystal 750 480
Tido 780 270
Tomas 820 660
Travelling Merchant 240 405


Name Level Aggro Type
Alpine Deer 16 No Beast Type Beast
Armored Cloned Beast 17 No Beast Type Beast
Banded Spider 15 Yes Beast Type Beast
Cloned Beast 12 No Beast Type Beast
Colorful Sunbird 14 No Beast Type Beast
Goblin Croney 13 Yes Type Humanoid
Goblin Hunter 14 Yes Type Humanoid
Goblin Mage 14 Yes Type Humanoid
Grassland Buck 11 No Beast Type Beast
Grasslands Sunbird 11 No Beast Type Beast
Grasslands Wolf 10 Yes Beast Type Beast
Green Widow 16 Yes Beast Type Beast
Hungry Coyote 12 Yes Beast Type Beast
Hunting Wolf 12 Yes Beast Type Beast
Itsy-Bitsy Spider 15 Yes Beast Type Beast
Spotted Deer 17 No Beast Type Beast
Sunbird 10 No Beast Type Beast
Wily Wolf 11 Yes Beast Type Beast


Name Level Summons Type


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