This quest is a series quest at level ? .

Mad Scientist - 1Edit

Quest Start: Oz

  • Collect 1 Sample Corpse Parts
    • Given Corpse Parts Collection Device
    • Obtain the Sample Corpse Parts by using the device by the corpse in the cemetery of Hidden Rock Village. x 84 Y 329


  • 6789 experience
  • 46 Silver 90 Copper

Mad Scientist - 2Edit

  • Collect 1 Skeletal Villager's Marrow Sample
  • Collect 1 Skeletal Soldier's Marrow Sample
  • Give Research of Corpse Parts to Jarl
    • Given the Research of Corpse Parts
    • Jarl is located in Kaslow


Mad Scientist - 3Edit


Mad Scientist - 4Edit

  • Give Lyon's Letter to Lyon
  • Collect Used Soul Confinement Device
    • Given Soul Confinement Device
    • Use the Device in front of Lyon to get Used Device

Quest End: Lyon


  • 7659 experience
  • 52 Silver 95 Copper

Mad Scientist - 5Edit

Quest Start: Lyon

Quest End: Oz


Mad Scientist - 6Edit

Quest Start: Oz


  • Choose from:
    • Glowworm's Wand
    • Smithy's Special Iron Gauntlet
  • 16,529 experience
  • 1 Gold 14 Silver 30 Copper

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