Also called Warped Prarie Cave. To enter the party must be set to raid and then enter Prarie Cave, it will then be warped/mutated. The monsters here are level 45+ and there are no quests nor is there an MO. The point of this dungeon is that the bosses can drop mutated nucleuses and mutated emblems used for making yellow sprite equipment.


Name Level Drops
Mutated Antoraya 45 Mutated Nucleus, Mutated Antoraya Emblem
Mutated Ohmudo 46 Mutated Nucleus, Mutated Ohmudo Emblem
Mutated Rubis 47 Mutated Nucleus, Mutated Rubis Emblem
Mutated Emissary Greed 48 Mutated Nucleus, Mutated Emissary Greed Emblem

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