This quest is a book quest at level 54 that gives Quill Publishing fame. This quest needs 9000 Quill Publishing fame to obtain.

Blue BookBook - Notes on Castle DefenseEdit

This book can be bought from General Store Owner Humphrey and the Traveling Merchant in Gaia Woodlands.

"A guard defending a castle has many daily duties. This booklet describes in detail important steps to follow when carrying out the duties of a castle guard in the Gaia Woodlands."

Chapter 1: Starting Your PatrolEdit


Chapter 2: Patrolling Seven-Star SquareEdit

  • Step in Patrol Seven-Star Square!


  • 165,131 experience
  • 199 Quill Publishing Fame
  • 4 Gold 95 Silver 24 Copper

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Chapter 3: Patrolling the Burial GroundEdit

  • Step in Patrol the Burial Ground!


Chapter 4: Patrolling Goddess LakeEdit

  • Step in Patrol Goddess Lake!


  • 166,799 experience
  • 199 Quill Publishing Fame
  • 5 Gold 28 Copper

Chapter 5: Patrolling Gaia's TreeEdit


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