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Paladins are elite Fighters known for their defense abilities, they are able to use a wide variety of combat weapons. Paladins gain Healing as well as greater defense abilities. The main role for Paladins in parties is to serve as a party's main damage takers and can also do some healing. Paladins can use Swords, Axes, Hammers, Two-Hand Swords, Two-Hand Axes, Two-Hand Hammers, and Shields as well as equip Warrior Apparel.

Becoming a PaladinEdit

Once a Warrior reaches level 30, he is given the choice to become a Paladin.

Quest ProgressionEdit

Speak to the class master and choose the path of a Paladin. Then go to Black Swamp and speak to White Flame Knight Lyon. Accept quest 'Path of Light':

  • Defeat 4 Skeletal Soldier
  • Defeat 2 Stone Wizard
  • Defeat 4 Entangled Servant
  • Defeat 4 Soulless Servant

Give letter of recommendation to the class master.

Paladin Skills
Paladin Talents Note: Talent names Incorrect, Serving as Placeholders atm.
Earth Talents: Sword Specialist  · Axe Specialist  · Hammer Specialist
Star Talents: Resilient Vitality  · Light Arms Specialist  · Heavy Arms Specialist
Moon Talents: Shield Specialist  · Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone  · Lightfoot Stance
Sun Talents: Gate of Purgatory  · Lich's Wind  · Dark Protector
Talent Combos
Paladin Masteries
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