Siwa Island is the beginner island that every player begins the game on. By talking to Captain Landitt, players are able to leave the island and move to either Blue Bay (Kaslow Region), Shell Hill (Ilya Region), or Ironwheel Beach (Jale Region). It is important to note, however, that after you leave the island there is no way to come back. The Protect Siwa Village quest series and the Soaked Book book quest both give achievements unattainable if not completed before leaving the island.


Name X Y
Babama 150 285
Bard 280 390
Bill 235 205
Caroline 270 410
Efe 175 275
Jasmine 320 300
Landitt 225 350
Ludaumann 245 425
Mailbox 240 410
Message Board 260 415
Muha 310 430
Paris 260 365
Soul Preservation Crystal 290 365
Soul Preservation Crystal 420 160
Teleporter Sprite 150 275
Tracy 250 385


Name Level Aggro Type
Jelly Rabbit 1 No Beast Type Beast
Laughing Crab 2 No Beast Type Beast
Smiling Crab 3 No Beast Type Beast
Longhorn Deer 4 No Beast Type Beast
Flying Dragon Baby 5 No Beast Type Beast
Little Fishman Ghost 5 No Beast Type Beast


Name Level Summons Type
Ancient Giant Baron 6 Always Elemental Type Elemental