Sprite's Forest is located in the Kaslow Region. To the West is Kaslow Plains and to the North is Belcar Plateau. Within the area is the dungeon Ancient City of Vines. Monsters in this region drop Lost Power of the Grassland, which can be turned into the Grassland Altar in Kaslow Plains.

Sprite's Forest


Name X Y
Andro 125 515
Audrey 500 670
Caret 120 480
Cyerfu 260 710
Jelly Rabbit Fan Club 145 515
Jody 125 480
Leis 120 530
Monster Hunting Board 410 490
Mysterious Man 265 230
Roy 490 360
Rudolf 290 625
Soul Preservation Crystal 145 540
Soul Preservation Crystal 425 485
Town Teleporter 115 500
Traveling Merchant 450 330


Name Level Aggro Type
Bald Treant 24 Yes Plant Type Plant
Blue Butterfly Sprite 21 Yes Type Humanoid
Forest Bear 20 Yes Beast Type Beast
Forest Tiger 19 Yes Beast Type Beast
Great Treant 20 No Plant Type Plant
Hungry Hydrangea 22 Yes Plant Type Plant
Leafy Treant 20 Yes Plant Type Plant
Man-Eating Marigold 22 Yes Plant Type Plant
Moonlight Sprite 19 Yes Type Humanoid
Petulant Pansy 18 Yes Plant Type Plant
Prickly Pansy 18 Yes Plant Type Plant
Sharptooth Crocodile 21 Yes Beast Type Beast
Ursuva Guard 22 Yes Type Humanoid
Ursuva Minuteman 23 Yes Type Humanoid
Ursuva Officer 23 Yes Type Humanoid
Ursuva Warden 22 Yes Type Humanoid
Ursuva Wizard 24 Yes Type Humanoid


Name Level Summons Type
Crazy Guffadon 25 always Beast Type Beast
Papillon Sprite 22 Timed Type Humanoid
Sadro 20 Quest Beast Type Beast
Tilaye 21 Random Type Humanoid
Ursuva 23 always Type Humanoid


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