The Sprite Event Arena is a place for sprites to duel each other one on one. In order to enter the arena you must purchase a Sprite Stage Invitation from one of the 3 sprites in either Kaslow, Jale or Ilya. They cost 1 gold each.

Once you have the invitation(s) within your backpack click on the duel tab (guardian sprites only) and select join. Your sprite will be off and wait for an opponent. You can easily leave by pressing exit next to join.

If someone else has joined the sprite arena when your sprite has then a popup will come telling you that another sprite has challenged you and if you wish to accept. Once you accept you will have 30 seconds to plan your sprite's combo using the three available skills: Strike, Quick Strike and Counter. It is a bit like rock paper scissors where one skill is effective against one other skill but weak against another. Once you are happy with your combo (use the arrow key to erase) then start. There will be a timer of 10 seconds for your opponent to be ready. Once they are ready then the fight begins.

A circle on the skill means you blocked your opponents skill and attacked. A triangle means you were both equal and an X means that your attack failed. If one of you loses all HP then then the other automatically wins, if you get to the end of the combo and neither of you have lost all HP then the sprite with the higest HP wins.


For winning the battle your sprite can obtain Sprite Victory Runes. Obtain 10 to trade in to an NPC Sprite for a 'Victor's Fortune Bag'. 1 rune can be used to purchase the alchemy blueprint for the fortune bag.

Whether your sprite wins or loses it obtains a Sprite Brownie that restores maximum 130 stamina.

Training Up Combat SkillsEdit

Every time you use one of the three skills it gains experience to level up. (Check under duel tab to see levels), also everytime you block an opponents skill by countering with your skill you earn experience for defence against that skill. For instance if you use Quick Strike exp will go towards the Quick Strike skill, blocking/counteracting an opponent who uses Quick Strike will build up exp for defence against the Quick Strike skill making it easier to block skills. The higher your combat skills the easier it will be to win in Sprite Adventure.

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