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A title is decorative text displayed above your character's name and below your guild's name. To change your title and see which are available to you, open your Log window (Press L), click on the Fame tab at the top of the window, click on a title in the bottom-right window section, then click on the Set button. You can also turn off seeing everyone's title (including yours) by going into the Options window, click on the Other tab, un-checking the Title box, and clicking OK.

Since the new patch, different titles come with different attributes and come in different colours. Just like equipment green titles are lower and yellow titles are higher.

Quest TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Champion of Siwa Island Complete Defend Siwa Island
Friend of the Forest Complete Crisis_in_the_Castle - 4
Monster Hunter Complete Rancher's_Trial - 4
Defender of the Plateau Complete Hijacked_Cargo_-_4
Sentinel of the Ancients Complete Ruins_of_West_City_-_3
Disciple of Brilliance Complete Fortress_Crisis_-_4
Rabble Rouser Complete Maiden of the Cape - 7
Hero of the High Seas Complete Reef Ecology Analysis - 7
Exterminator Complete Lieutenant Charna - 6
Peacekeeper Complete The Mud Figure - 5
Ally of the Dragon Tribe Complete The Giant Dragon - 5
Spritemaster Complete The Second Evolution
Magic Academy Scholar Complete Steal Materials
The Infiltrator Complete Ingredients Unknown - 4

Guild Quest TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Lion Tamer Complete Xerxes Guild Quest once
Demon Crusher Complete Jalmano Guild Quest once
Dragon Slayer Complete Nazrudin Guild Quest once
Marsh Madness[1] Complete Surbora Guild Quest once
Phantom Dragon Punisher[2] Complete Utumno Guild Quest once
Raging Flame[3] Complete Aschenbrand Guild Quest once

Book TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Flyswatter Complete Magic School Journal, Issue 32: Chapter 2
Wasteland Wanderer Complete Desert Survival Handbook: Chapter 4
Pompatus of Love Complete Unfailing Love: Chapter 5
Keeper of the Wilds Complete Agricultural Digest - 1st Edition
Hammer of Justice Complete Tattered Diary

Dungeon TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Spelunker Complete Prairie Cave Mission Order Once
Forbidden Mine Rescuer[4] Complete Condemned Mine Mission Order Once
Temple Archeologist[5] Complete Deserted Temple Mission Order Once
Echo Cave Explorer Complete Echo Cave Mission Order Once
Sealed Baron Liberator Complete Giant Baron's Threat
Time Traveler Complete Old Siwa Island Mission Order Once
Roaring Maw Raider Complete Roaring Maw Mission Order Once
Steward of King's Tomb Complete Holy King's Tomb Mission Order Once
Vanguard of the Ancients Complete Ancient City of Vines Order Once

Fame TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Honorary Kaslow Knight Obtain 50,000 Fame with Kaslow Royal Family
Shining Star of Ilya Obtain 50,000 Fame with Ilya Elder Council
Advisor to Jale Steam Corp Obtain 50,000 Fame with Jale Steam Corporation
Iron Stone Engineer Obtain 16,000 Fame with Iron Stone Association
Wilderness Survivalist Obtain 16,000 Fame with Magic Academy
Treasure Appraisal Specialist Obtain 16,000 Fame with Treasure Appraisal Committee
Dark Sprite Messenger Obtain 9,000 Fame with Dark Sprite
Ravenous Reader Obtain 16,000 Fame with Quill Publishing
Guardian of Saphael Talk to the class master after obtaining 50,000 Kaslow, Ilya, and Jale fame

Altar Fame TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Grassland Guardian Obtain 16,000 Fame at Grassland Altar
Woodland Messanger Obtain 16,000 Fame at Forest Altar
Wasteland Warrior Obtain 16,000 Fame at Altar of Sands
Highlander Obtain 16,000 Fame at Highland Altar
Warden of the Dead Obtain 16,000 Fame at Altar of Spirits
Champion of the sea Obtain 16,000 Fame at Deep Sea Altar
Seeker of the Storm Obtain 16,000 Fame at Hurricane Altar
Keeper of Secrets Obtain 16,000 Fame at Altar of Serenity
Defender of the Frost Obtain 16,000 Fame at Eternal Altar
Lord of Darkness Obtain 16,000 Fame at Black Flame Altar

Event TitlesEdit

Title Obtained
Santa's Helper Christmas 2009: Complete Naughty Reindeer


  1. Was Bane of the Bog Tree before February 1, 2010 Patch
  2. Was Doom of the Black Dragon before February 1, 2010 Patch
  3. Was Douser of Flames before February 1, 2010 Patch
  4. Was Rescuer of the Forbidden Mine before February 1, 2010 Patch
  5. Was Famed Archeologist before February 1, 2010 Patch

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