Wizards are elite Mages. Spellcasters are mysterious, wielding the powers of magic with control and dedication. Wizards gain the ability to use powerful elemental magic. Wizards use Staves and wear Mage Apparel.

Becoming a WizardEdit

Once a Mage reaches level 30, he is given the choice to become a Wizard. ===Quest Progression===Link title Class SpecializationClass Upgrade: Wizard?Wizard's Path

Wizard Skills
Fire Element: Fire Arrow  · Magma Storm  · Scorching Strike  · Draconic Fireball
Ice Element: Ice Arrow  · Absolute Zero  · Freezing Burn  · Icy Grip
Lightning Element: Lightning Saber  · Lightning Coil  · Magnetic Charge  · Heavenly Strike
Supportive Skills: Teleport Self  · Safe Return  · Burning Veil  · Glacial Field  · Electrify Armor
Other Skills: Frens Will Melter  · Embrace of the Muse  · Astral Surge  · Element Emaciation
Wizard Talents
Earth Talents: Chained Magic Burst  · Magic Ward Specialist  · Staff Specialist
Star Talents: Abundant Energy  · Magic Assualt Specialist  · Channel Magic
Moon Talents: Staff Shielding  · Arcane Amplifier  · Focused Casting
Sun Talents: Fire Element  · Lightning Element  · Ice Element
Talent Combos
Wizard Masteries
Master Skills: Magic Master  · Elemental Resistance  · Arcana Cloak  · Mage Hunter  · Essence of the Craft  · Tongue Twister

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